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Documentary | Histories de sex(s) DVD5 2011

18-07-2011, 08:38 | Comments: 0 | Views: 262
Histories de sex(s) DVD5 2011

Year: 2011
Country: France
Genre: Feature
Length: 1:31:06
Directed by: OVIDIE & JACK TYLER
Language: French
Subtitles: Suomi
Cast: Nomi (Agathe), Leeloo (Sandrine), Lou Charmelle (Lise), Amélie Jolie (Jennifer), Judy Minx (Caroline), Milka (Camille), Eliska Cross (Elisa), Lavandra (the cashier), Kennya ( the wedding waitress), Sabrina Sweet (Sabrina), Phil Hollyday (Jean-Philippe), Ricco (Bertrand), Cruz (Franck), Sebastien Barrio (Seb), Dino Toscani (Sergio), Philippe Duroc (the unknown in the movie theater ), Klement (Clément)
Description:Agathe organizes a dinner at her place and invites her friends Jennifer, Sandrine, and Lise.

At the same time, Jean-Philippe invites Seb, Franck, and Bertrand to his place.

The film recounts this evening during which the two groups, men on one side, women on the other, come to talk about sex and describe their experiences. Each gives his / her own version of events, often completely different from those of their partner.

Lise, who has never experienced an orgasm in her life, confides in her friends about her sex life with Frank, her husband, who on his side addresses the subject in a completely different manner.

Bertrand enthusiastically tells of an incredible partner-swapping experience that Sandrine, his wife, describes on her side as a disappointment.

In his conquests stories, Seb only recounts the number of positions he has performed while it seems obvious that his partners are terribly disappointed.

Each of the couples hide their affairs which everyone pretends to ignore.

As for Agatha, she attempts to manage the confusion she's sowed in the mind of Jean-Philippe, the boyfriend of her ...

Histories de sex(s) DVD5 2011

Histories de sex(s) DVD5 2011

Histories de sex(s) DVD5 2011

Menu: None
Extras. materials and bonuses:
Video Quality: DVD5
Audio codec: MPEG
Video: Video: PAL 16:9 (720x576) VBR, Auto Letterboxed
Audio: French (Dolby AC3, 2 ch)

File size: 4.1 GB

Histories de sex(s) DVD5 2011

Documentary | The Wacky World of X-Rated Bloopers

29-03-2011, 10:54 | Comments: 0 | Views: 233
The Wacky World of X-Rated Bloopers

Year: 1989
Country: USA
Genre: Documentary, Adult, Comedy, Sex, Outtakes, Hardcore, Blooper Reel
Length: 1:10:46
Language: English

Directed by: Bobby Hollander
Studio: Gourmet Video

Cast: Amanda Tyler
Amber Lynn
Ashley Brooks
Breezy Lane
Bunny Bleu
Cara Lott
Charlie Waters
Christy Canyon
Connie Bennett
Debbie Northrup
Donna N.

Elle Rio
Frankie Leigh
Gina Valentino
Ginger Lynn
Heather Wayne
Ines Akker
Jeanna Fine
Jennifer Noxt
Jessica Wylde
K.C. Valentine
Keli Richards
Laurie Smith
Linda Shaw
Little Oral Annie
Mai Lin
Misty Dawn
Misty Regan
Pamela Jennings
Porsche Lynn
R. Torres
Rhonda Jo Petty
Rikki Blake
Sharon Mitchell
Shauna Grant
Stacey Donovan
Stephanie Rage
Tamara Longley
Tami White
Tanya Foxx
Tara Blake
Tracey Adams
Viper [Bald] Blake Palmer
Buck Adams
Craig Roberts
David Sanders
Eric Edwards
James Dean
Jerry Butler
John Wright
Kevin James
Marc Wallice
R. Bolla
Randy Paul
Randy West
Ray Wells
Rick Cassidy
Ron Jeremy
Sasha Gabor
Tom Byron

Description: Sixty nine. A telling number, don«t you think? that»s the complete cast listing for this fascinating new video from Gourmet. A highly abridged sampling can be found above this review, and I«m sure you»ll agree there isn't a bad apple in the bunch. Kudos to Ron Wasserman for assembling the results from the inexhaustible supply of way footage from the Gourmet vaults. Wacky World is a far cry form just another blooper reel-aside from the flubbed lines, failed erections, and impossible-to-maintain positions, this item also provides a (pardon the pun) penetrating look behind the scenes of the adult film business. Of particular interest are snippets where Ron Jeremy gets quite pissed when the cameras roll before his famous hard-on gets hard, and director Bobby Hollander scolds the cast for too much chatter and not enough obeying his commands. Herchel Savage imparts his philosophy of love to Misty Regan in between takes, not realizing his comments are captured on tape forever. A must see for hardcore fans!

Video quality:

Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: AVI, 560x416, 29 fps, 168 kbps, 12 bit, XviD
Audio: LameMP3, 59 kbit / s

File size: 699.3 MB

The Wacky World of X-Rated Bloopers

Documentary | The Better Sex Guide To Anal Pleasure

12-03-2011, 14:52 | Comments: 0 | Views: 440
The Better Sex Guide To Anal Pleasure

Genre: Educational, anal
Directed by: Sinclair Intimacy Institute

About movie:
This is a film production Sinclair Intimacy Institute. In it you real couples and doctors will tell you how to master the wisdom of anal sex.

Length: 00:54:39
Translation: Original

Technical data
Format: XviD

Video: 352x240 (107:80) 29.97fps 1150Kbps [Video]
Sound: 44100Hz stereo 224Kbps [Audio]

File size: 545.1 MB

The Better Sex Guide To Anal Pleasure

Documentary | In the sun

10-03-2011, 17:58 | Comments: 0 | Views: 392
In the sun

Genre: Documentary Video Family Naturism
Country: Czech Republic
Description: Czech naturists have got out for a picnic on the countryside recreation. Day went very hot, so they are mostly tan in the sun and bathe in the shower, as well as riding and playing outdoor games.

AVI format
Video: XVID 960x720 29.97fps 1999Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps
Length: 00:55:00
Size 816 MB

File size: 816.9 MB

In the sun

Documentary | Matters of Size: The Ultimate Guide to Penis Enlargement

7-05-2009, 16:33 | Comments: 0 | Views: 466
Matters of Size: The Ultimate Guide to Penis Enlargement

Studio: Platinum Corporation (USA)
Description: How to view the .iso dvd image:

1. Download and install Daemon Tools:
2. Mount the .iso file with Daemon Tools
3. Open and Play the new created virtual drive with Media Player.
4. Enjoy

Have you ever wondered why most porn stars have an unusually large penis? It«s because they possess the mystical secrets of penis enlargement using industry secret exercises. Imagine being exceptional, popular, known for something other men only wish they had. A big penis will give you all these things and more. If you have always wished you could have a long, thick, powerful penis like a porn star, then this may be the most important film you»ll ever purchase.

With Matters of Size, you will learn all the secrets that most porn stars have protected for years, the same secrets the adult industry does not want you to know. You will add up to five inches to your length and girth with the same highly effective, doctor approved, natural penis enlargment exercises that most well endowed porn stars use in only minutes a day.

Matters of Size has been the secret behind many well known porn stars and thousands of regular men just like yourself in achieving the huge penis size they have always dreamed of. Matters of Size has discovered exactly what works and what doesn't when it comes to penis enlargement. Our phenomenal, five phase, natural penis enlargement exercise system has changed thousands of lives. It works wonders regardless of age, race, or current penis size.

Matters of Size created one of the most effective penis enlargement systems on the market by combining proven powerful exercises with size producing routines. Matters of Size is one of the most trusted names in natural penis enlargement and continues to help thousands of men everyday realize their penis size dreams. If you follow this program you will gain penis size guaranteed. Matters of Size is a name you can trust with a 100% success rate.

Not only will this film give you a longer, thicker, more powerful looking penis, but you will enjoy other extraordinary rewards as well. With Matters of Size, you will also gain greater sensitivity, more powerful orgasms, the ability to last as long as you like in bed, the mastery to remain erect after orgasm, increased ejaculation volume, correction of a curved penis, among many other countless benefits. The new, virile you will be praised in every sexual encounter.
О фильме: Размер имеет значение: Пособие по увеличению полового члена (5-ти стадийный интерактивный обучающий курс).

Сильнодействующий ДВД с натуральной техникой по увеличению пениса. Гарантированно увеличение на несколько сантиметров! 5-ти стадийный интерактивный обучающий курс. Установленный порядок упражнений.
P.S. Сам член увеличить нельзя. А вот улучшить кровообращение и сопутствующие «спецэффекты» можно, за счёт чего и будет достигнут максимально возможный эффект.
Перед использованием проконсультируйтесь с врачом.

Video: NTSC 4:3 (720x480) VBR [/b]
Audio: Dolby AC3, 2 ch
Length: 01:00:00
Size: 4.36 GB

Matters of Size: The Ultimate Guide to Penis Enlargement

File size: 4.0 GB

Matters of Size: The Ultimate Guide to Penis Enlargement

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